Monday, May 27, 2013

Clouds: Real and Virtual

Nimbostratus Clouds
Thursday, Friday and again on Saturday it poured.  The sky was covered with endless clouds saturated with rain. I tried to go for a walk, on Saturday morning, but between 40 degree temperatures and the driving rain, it was not pleasant.  I did look up at the thick, ominous, Nimbostratus clouds and thought, "It's going to rain all day!"

So, I put my wet sweats into the washer and headed into my nice warm office to discover clouds!  Not the ones outside (I've spent a lot of time studying them over the years!), but the virtual ones!  To some extent, I've been in the clouds for a while on my "smart phone" and tablet; however this rainy day was an excursion to more effectively learn about and work in the clouds! Yet, while I know the lyrics to Joni Mitchell's song well, I am not sure I have really looked at clouds from "both sides" until now!  The results of my day?

Clouds are amazing,
My new address
Some day, we'll look back,
Remember the old days
Back up systems and flash drives,
Computers with towers, wires, memories
The storms and sunny moments of life
Will be in the clouds.


Julie Johnson said...

What a great connection. It's amazing how our lives have changed with the advancement of technology. What I think is so unique and phenomenal, my own children take for granted. I was reminded of that this weekend when I was talking about doing a Google Hangout this summer when I'm in Turkey. As I was expressing my amazement, my 25 year old daughter reminded me, "Mom, we grew up with this. It's what we're used to."

Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Love the Joni Mitchell song but never imagined the world of the cloud when I used to listen to it back in high school and college. You bring me back - and forward today.

Linda B said...

Now, later, I'm going to have to check out this new cloud, Anita. It is amazing how far we've come since I first asked someone to explain web addresses to me! Sorry about the rain-wish we could have had a bit of that!

Tara @ A Teaching Life said...

Another "new thing" to explore! Thanks for sharing this site.

Nanc said...

yep...I love having something new to discover ...I hope you get a good walk in soon...we've got the grey clouds now too...xo

Jaana said...

Wonderful connections! Dropbox has been wonderful for me this year. Now I need to look up skydrive. Happy cloud watching.

BK said...

I have to rethink clouds. I love them but my new favorite cloud that I can't even begin to imagine. Hmmm