Thursday, April 24, 2014

Sharing TCRWP: Getting Started With Twitter

I've had a love-concerned-connected-overwhelmed-empowered-relationship with Twitter during the past 2 years, since I made the leap into that connected virtual world of people who more-often-than-I-can-imagine have things to share that I really want to know!

Admittedly, there are times when I can feel totally over-the-top-overwhelmed with the zillions of Twitter feed items that fill up my home page.  If I skip a day or two from checking Twitter, there are so many Tweets waiting that I can only just scan and move on hoping that if I missed something really great, someone will surely Retweet it!

Yet, the level of professional connected-ness and the number of great ideas, worthy concerns, pithy topics, profound thoughts, happy bits of news, wonderful suggestions, empowering relationships, and professional learning shared through this media is beyond what I might have envisioned in my wildest dreams!  

I follow professionals who stimulate and encourage me to be all I can be every day.  I am always somewhat surprised and totally humbled that others choose to follow me!  BUT THIS POST, I want to share with those who have not yet "joined our connected group of Twitters."

Here is a link to a TCRWP Google Books Doc that will help you to join the "club" and push your own thinking, learning, and at times....your ability to handle stressors!

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