Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#sol2017 Hearts, Candy, Transformers and Reflection

"Mrs. Ferreri, Mrs. Ferreri," she panted with an urgency far exceeding the situation as she rushed into school for this Hearts and Candy infused day preceding the 100th Day of School!  I've got something for you she smiled as she fumbled in her bag.  Out came a tiny package of MMs, clearly marked with a phonetic approximation of my name, Misis faray.  I thanked her, grateful to work in an elementary school on this holiday where little Cupids all love one another and their teachers!  

"Look at the card I made for Mrs. Fsdfhsdkh," she continued as we went down the hall.  "Don't you think she will LOVE it?" she continued already knowing the answer!

As the day unfolded, there were a few more tiny packages of Skittles and mini Oreos as well as Pokeman, Barbie, and Transformer cards with lovely approximations of my name. There were also a few valentines from former students and students I had only met as we breezed through our Universal Screenings.

Definitely, love and kindness were in the air today, in the hallways, and on the playgrounds.  There was even a sense of kindness as we herded those children onto the buses at the end of the day in an unusual dismissal pattern to deal with the smoky transformer outside of school! 

As I drove away at the end of the day, I thought about how those tiny acts of kindness helped me through a stressful day filled with not-so-good-news-calls from doctors, nurses and caregivers.  As I drove to meet my graduate students on this Hearts and Flowers filled day for some of them which is just days away from their winter recess, I thought about how I might help them deal with their stresses today!  So, I stopped at CVS and got the last bag of candy hearts in the store!  It's not much of a consolation when you have to go to class on this night of flowers and fancy dinner.  Yet, I hope it helps!



Tara said...

Glad you got those candy hearts...sometimes, the best way through heartache is just to be open to the children we spend our days with.

Melanie Meehan said...

I hope you're okay, Anita. I loved reading your post and hearing about the spelling approximations and the acts of kindness until I got to the not-do-good-news. All the joy made those lines stand out even more.

arjeha said...

I'm sure it made their evening and brought a smile to their faces.

Diane Anderson said...

Candy hearts definitely help. Because of the thoughtfulness. Choosing kindness, noticing kindness- such a good way to get through stress and not so good news. Thoughts and prayers.