Monday, September 18, 2017

#sol17 Duty Calls

I was early,
For the opportunity to 
For hours, longer,
In a hard chair amongst
Too many people
Too close together
Coughing, texting,
Carrying briefcases,
Conducting business,
Caring for loved ones.
Cell calls about boredom
Where are you froms?
Amongst trapped people.
Sharing strange connections
Political perspectives,
Most of us, I suspect,
Our service would end
Before it began. 
I tried to read 
Below the flashing florescent lights,
Tried to watch Kelli, Rachel
The Price is Right,
With text delay from afar.
Watched the time tick
Ever so slowly
Thinking about all I should,
Could, might be doing
Along with the possibility
Of deciding someone's fate
In the juror holding room
On the 3rd floor. 
At least the view
Through the window
Was as gloomy as
The mood in the room. 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

#sol17 Remembering and Respecting

I was remembering the sights, sounds, smells, and pains of that bright, clear morning as I pulled into the station for petrol for my hungry Mazda.  I noticed the price was higher than the last time I filled up and remembered the disasters in Texas and Florida thinking, "At least I have gas," I handed over my credit card on a morning etched into not-just-my-memory.

I might have been still deep in thought as I decided I deserved a coffee and entered the "Mobile on the Run Coffee Zone." Then, I noticed him lingering at the open door.  This young man, likely still in preschool 16 years ago, held the door open for me as he offered, "Hope it is a good day for you!"  I noted his smile and his "respect," for me, someone he did not know and who would not likely cross his path again.

I thought of him again, later in the morning, as Steve Max implored our students to be respectful and kind as we "kicked" at our character building assembly.  I thought of him later that afternoon as I worked with "C" whose summer slide did not happen because he played word games with his dad all summer long! I thought of him as I asked "L" to read just one more book and to bring home a brand new word ring with some old familiar words.  I thought of him as I played "decorate the rock" and as I "rowed the fake boat at the gym."  I thought of him as a read blog post from those whose lives were changed forever that day.

He may have been far too young to remember the bright morning sky on 911.  Or he may have lost an dad, mom, grandparent, uncle, aunt, family friend that day. I'll never know.  I do know that I remember and that HE respects not only me, some sort-of-old-lady-buying-Mobile-on-the-Run-Coffee who was deep-in-thought-about-the-life-changing-memories-of-that-day, even if he is too young to remember that horrible day.

Monday, September 4, 2017

#sol17 Commencement Day

Image result for marble notebooks
I purchased my eight,
Distinctive, marbled notebooks,
One for each of my groups,
One extra, just in case,
Space for goals, plans, 
Running records,
Conference notes, 
Informal assessments 
Planning for progress monitoring
Way back in July 
In anticipation of this day.

Image result for plaid talbots dress
I purchased a new, 
Back-to-school-style dress,
Sleeveless, just in case it's hot,
At an end-of-the-summer sale
Then cleaned out my closet,
Organized shoes,
Sorted mismatched socks
Knowing I will not need them for awhile,
Way back in August
In anticipation of this day

Image result for swimmer cartoon

I swam, yesterday, even if it was cool,
Noting I would be in school in 24 hours,
I soaked up the last rays of summer vacation,
Before I showered and headed to bed,
Noting I would be leaving home in the dark,
I felt those ol' familiar butterflies of excitement
Mingle with saying goodbye to a long respite
Filled with new adventures, sights and books.  
Image result for commencement day cartoon
I cleaned the fridge,
Did a load of laundry,
Loaded the dishwasher,
Ran the vaccuum
Gave myself a pep-talk,
Promising to find time to exercise,
Pack lunches, eat breakfast,
As I headed to bed, 
Anticipating a fitful sleep.
Image result for snow day cartoon

Grateful for another opportunity
To make a difference.
Thankful for this
Commencement Day.
Thinking that good endings
Make good beginnings
Yet, secretly wondering about
The chance for a "snow day?"   

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Sharing a link about Teachers Advocating for their Classrooms

I read article in the NYTiems, and I have many things to say about how this might be a good idea and about how this might be dangerous to the public school system in America that seeks to provide every child with a chance to be ALL they might be....

For now, I am sharing this link.....but I will have more to say!

Friday, September 1, 2017

Ready to take on this world

I missed this week's 
Slice of Life
Because of him,
But that is OK with me.
He already nuzzles into my shoulder
As if it were an old favorite.
He already gazes into my eyes
As if we were old buddies.

I gaze at him and wonder,
How can I love him 
As much as I love his sister?
As much as I love 
His cousins?
Is he an old soul?
Yet, brand-new, 
Fresh from the oven
Ready to take on this world.

He's still so tiny,
Yet, he's melted my heart,
Rocked my world,
Filled my soul
With scent-of-miracle.

I wonder, as I hold
My miraculous grandchild,
If my Grandmothers felt this way
As they held their
Children's children?
Were they too
Filled with happy tears
As they nuzzled, long ago, 
Each of us?
Then, I smile
As I nuzzle, because
I already know the answer.
Your heart grows 
As they emerge
Ready to take on this world.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

#celebratelu2017 Still Holding on Tight

Did you hear? 
I'm moving to a new to me house,
With a new to me porch,
With new to me floors,
With new to me doors,
With a new to me room.
Can you see?
They're packing my toys,
The ones I play with,
Packing my blankets,
The ones I snuggle under,
Packing my pots,
The ones I bang together,
Packing my clothes,
Into boxes and bins.
Did you see?
I'm holding on tight
To my cars,
The ones that fit in my pocket,
The ones I push and fill with sticks,
The ones I ride to the "store"
Until they load the last load
Into that BIG truck.
Until they take me
Holding tight to all my cars,
To MY new to me house. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Reposting: How to reach all readers

This is from 3 years ago; however, it is good to think about as we gear up for another school year and readers who deserve our best.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

SOL#17 Hold on Tight

These are certainly busy times
As we embrace a new school year.
Considering ways to ensure learning
For diverse learners
Researching means of creating
Respectful learning environments.

These are certainly challenging times
For our country, our world.
Asking us to  
Consider ways to ensure kindness,
Embrace patience,
For our diverse melting pot, 
Imploring us to
Research means of creating
Respectful living environments.

These are certainly times
When we need to be kind
When we all need to hold on tight
To the Golden Rule,
And to that red, fire truck
If you are not quite two.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Literacy Learning - Snippets Along The Journey

I should have written down all the funny things students have said over the years.
I'd be rich.
I should write down all the silly things my grand-miracles are starting to say.
I'm enriched with the opportunity to witness the journey of literacy learning without the stress of parenting this time!

What’s your name, sweetie,” the clerk asked?

Eeee peed on the toiy-it,” she responded in toddler-speak.

Good girl,” the clerk clapped assuming, erroneously, Eeee was her name and accurately that something had happened in the bathroom.

And so the clerks and the toddler joined in a round of applause for someone named Eeee, thinking, foolishly, that the story teller in front of them had accomplished great things in the bathroom that day!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

#SOL17 One Step And Then Another

A reminder:

Go, even if you are relunctant,
Continue, even if it is hard,
Through the rocky passages
Along the steep cliffs
Through the misty clouds
Along the winding path
Climb those mountains
One step and then another.
The journey might be tough
The reward for persistence