Sunday, March 27, 2011

March Is Just That Kind of a Month

As we march forward towards the end of the month, I have been thinking a lot about the month of March and how it is really a lot like our lives: a juxtaposition of good and bad..  Let me explain.  On some days, there is warm sunshine poking through the windows as we drive down the highway reminding us that better weather is just ahead. Yet, when we open the door, the cold blast of air reminds us that winter has not lost its grip.  There is the basketball craziness where every year, underdogs from relatively small, unknown schools, like Butler, upset giant basekball institutions.  They call that March Madness, but it is more likely a representation of what all sports participants already know: on any given day, on any given playing field, anything can happen!   The other morning, I hiked down my icy driveway on my way to work.  I've done that lots of times this winter and so I left a few extra minutes to slowly walk or slide my way down the hill.  I was not happily or eagerly anticipating the walk; however, I was greeted by the sound of robins busily chirping away in celebration of the inevitable sunshine and improvement the day would hold.  It was indeed a March reminder that while there are always going to be dark days and storm in the sea of life, there is also a promise of some happy days too - as long as you are willing to march though the dark days to get there!

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