Sunday, May 1, 2011

Readers Who Read About Writers!

I could NOT have made this one up! 
About 6 months ago, at Costco, I picked up a copy of Elizabeth Berg's Home Safe.  Why did I buy it?  It said, on the cover, that the book was a NYTimes Bestseller!  Good enough for me I thought but the book sat on my nightstand and kept falling below whatever book I was currently reading! Sometimes that does happen to me and so this wonderfully crafted tale of a WRITER was almost lost to this semester or writing focus! 
This weekend, I needed to escape into a book before the onslaught of final projects that will be coming my way and so I grabbed the text as I dusted off the nightstand to "look at" while I got my feet prepared for spring!  I started it yesterday morning and in true great book fashion, it was done after breakfast today.  The laundry is NOT finished and there is NO ironing done and the dust bunnies are still hopping around in their glory....but I escaped into a great book about a writer! 
Home Safe: A Novel

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