Tuesday, August 4, 2015

#sol15 One Day in August

 One day in August,
I was cleaning the attic!
Perusing old pictures,
Lost in memories,
Finding long, lost
Slices of Life
When I came across
This snipped of writing.

I could hear the prompt
Nestled in this long ago,
"On Demand" writing
About a snowman
Who came alive.

One day in December,
I made a snowman.
It came alive.
He wanted to go in my home.
We were licking candy canes.
We looked in my room.
He put on my baseball tee-shirt.
The End

The long-ago six-year-old
Who penciled this short piece
Managed to insert a wee bit of himself
And his thoughts of spring,
On a cold December day
When forced to write
"On Demand"
For his teacher's purposes.

I plan to remember
All year long
We all write best
When writing on
Personally meaningful topics!


Linda Baie said...

I love your 'finding slices in the attic" Anita, and this is a wonderful one. What child hasn't pretended that something has come to life! And what better thing than the snowman out in the front yard? Thanks for reminding about the personal investment. I touched on that today, too.

Tara Smith said...

So true! Reading this student's writing made me think about my new kiddos...I can't wait to meet them!