Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Do now and never will do.

I've been quiet, as a blogger
Of late;
Life filled with busyness, happiness, 
With sadness
Has filled my days
Then, when you get out of the habit of writing,
The ideas are still there,
But it is hard to put fingers to keyboard.
Yet,this weekend, I attended
A Google Tech Summit
Taking with me lots and lots and lots and lots
Of high tech ideas and Google supported apps
That I will share soon.  

I also am reminded from interacting
With peers and our environment.
I took a photo of this Accountable Talk reminder
Resting on the table.
I've already implemented this idea.
I also took a photo of a "reading levels" chart
Posted proudly in that same classroom.
Children reading from Levels C to O.
I already know how that level C student feels
Each time her eyes glance up to the chart.
I'm assuming this chart was mandated.
I will never implement this idea.  
I hope you will never have to implement this idea.

High tech...low tech....a do now and a never will do! 
That's the sign of a good weekend!  


elsie said...

Love your do now and never do ideas. Is that level chart supposed to be motivating to the C reader? Ugh, end public shaming of students who don't learn at the same rate.

Linda Baie said...

Yep, I love the first, abhor the second, Anita. How could anyone think it was okay to show those levels!! Glad you shared the ups and downs of your observations. Hugs to you in your life's challenges!

Ramona said...

Your voice has been missed. Hope that things get easier for you soon. Love your words: "Do Now and Never Will Do." Thanks for sharing.

Tara Smith said...

That reading levels sad! Good to have you back, Anita!