Tuesday, January 19, 2016

SOL#16 It's easier to write about small moments

I've been quiet, of late,
Yet, busy.

There have been days
Filled with some of life's 
Most wonderful moments,
Over-the-top-full-of joy days,
All-your-dreams-come true days.

Interspersed with days
Filled with some of life's
Saddest moments,
Break your-heart-into-pieces days,
Sad-to-the-core-painful days.

New lives, untold potential, 
Magnificent newborn snuggles,
Moments where my heart
Beat outside my chest
Watching those I once held
Nurture the future. 

Interspersed with
Losses of life and love,
Moments when my heart

I've learned
It's easier to write
It's harder to write
About life-altering-events.


Diane Andeson said...

But you did, thank you, because it touches our lives full of joys and sorrows, and ordinary moments.

Linda B said...

This is a beautiful description of how lives go I think. Your life has been rather mixed these past few years, I know, Anita. I'm sorry for the heart-break, but celebrate these words: "nurturing the future". Thank you.

Tara Smith said...

Thank you for writing today, with such feeling and dignity. I am thinking about you, Anita.

Kathleen Sokolowski said...

Such a beautiful poem. I love the way you described both the joyful and sad days and how you played with language. I'm very sorry for your sorrowful days but glad there area also joyous ones.

Terje said...

Beautiful, sad, true - like life. I understand what you mean about the small and the most ... moments. The last are so much harder to capture. I am sorry of your sadness. I wish you more of the joy. And celebrate the small.