Thursday, August 4, 2016

SOL16 New Chapters

The sky was as blue as it could be,
The other day,
A gentle breeze served as a reminder
A new chapter was beginning
July was over,
August, the season of new beginnings
Was here.
The mood, juxtaposed to the sky,
Mixed. excited, scared, reflective, unsure,
As often is the case
When one chapter ends,
And another begins.

Someone finished a chapter,
Of their life, the other day.
Leaving their comfort zone, 
Facing new challenges.
Holding tight to the memories,
Laughter, love and tears.

Someone finished a chapter,
Why does every good story have to end?
How do you looking ahead,
Rather than backwards?
How do you hold tight to the good memories,
Overlooking the sad ending?

Someone began a chapter, 
Starting a new year of living,
Filled with potential, hopes, and dreams.
Celebrating as it should be,
With mementos, slobbery kisses,

Someone also began a chapter,
A new way of living,
Filled with potential, hopes, and dreams.
On a street where everybody
Knows your name,

Goffle Brook Park - Hawthorne, NJ, United States. A serene view from the bridge of the water fall. Usually duckies will go on the rocks bellow. The waterfall is from the lake.

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