Tuesday, January 10, 2017

On the Edge

"You're on the edge of your zone," she said as I stepped off the scale and put on my shoes.  I never realized there was a zone!  I quietly celebrated that even if my clothes were a bit tighter than they should be,  I was on the edge. I was OK until I remembered that muscle weighs more than fat! I began to wonder if my "edge" performance on the scale was more likely the result of comfort eating and "reasons" to skip the gym.

With holiday cookies still resting on my counter, I decided to revisit my diet and exercise habits! It's a fairly simple plan: no chips and cheese and more lean meats and fresh veggies.  Less time on the couch and more time at the gym.  Trying to keep stress under check though writing, meditating, and reflecting. It was a plan to put me over the edge.

So here I sit, dangling on the edge of a new, hopefully, healthier new year.  I'm on the edge of a new semester and on the edge of a mid-month visit to the scale.  I'm on the edge of meeting a tiny little someone who will steal a little more of my heart!  I'm on the edge of some home improvement as well! I'm a bit "edgy" and a bit "hungry" and a bit sore!  Most days I'm on the edge of reverting to old habits.  Yet, I'm also on the edge of a healthier, happier lifestyle! I might just be able to get off the edge and onto solid ground!  


Raivenne said...

You are edging into a new year and new you. Take the edge off yourself and just relax into it. You and all your edges will be fine.

Tara said...

We're all feeling edgy these days, Anita - for one reason or another. Love the way you played with the word and crafted this slice!