Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Name Droppings: Marc Brown

Marc Brown, yes, Marc Brown of Arthur fame, came to my school!  That in and of itself made the week, perhaps even the YEAR, special!

He was charming, just like haracters and just like I thought he would be!  Marc Brown not only shared his newest, yet to be published book, Mary McScary, but also connected with staff and students as he shared tales of his life!  It seemed too good to be true that his THIRD grade class and some of his teachers inspired his amazing characters.  Marc Brown shared pictures of his home on Martha's Vineyard and his menagerie of carefully named goats (one was named Hillary Clinton), adorable Oreo looking cows, and prolific chickens.  

Just when I thought my cup was overflowing with joy, I was gifted the opportunity to eat lunch with him.  Yup, there I was, sitting right next to Marc Brown as he ate lunch.  Here is the central message of the day: Always be nice and kind to students, parents, everybody.  You just never know when someday, it might take 40 years, you might be lucky enough to find yourself sitting next to someone you admire, whose characters you have adored, and whose presence leaves you smiling for days.

There is only one lingering regret I have for the day.  Star struck as I was, I did not find the courage to "prove" what I have told many struggling beginning readers needing a sight-word-focused story found in a 1981 Houghton Mifflin basal reader called Help Help!  For many years, I have suggested that THE MARC BROWN wrote that cute beginning reader of few words and lots of laughs! On some level, I'm more convinced than ever that it was his work as the story and its characters are for real, just like he was!  However, I passed on my chance to know for sure! I'll just have to keep up the pretense!


Tara Smith said...

What a fabulous day - book talk and lunch with the one and only Marc Brown. As for the early reader story...stick with what works!

Diane Anderson said...

Would have loved to be there!

Ramona said...

Wow, what a delightful day! I'm sure you're still floating in the air from the chance to have a favorite author visit your school, speak to your students, be an absolutely wonderful person, and then get to eat lunch with him. It's a high that should see you through a few end-of-year challenges! Congrats!

Linda B said...

It is always a pleasure to meet the "real" writer you've loved for so long. What a nice day you just described, Anita. Perhaps you could now write him about the author of that mystery book? Congratulations for being chosen to eat lunch with Marc Brown, too!