Thursday, August 10, 2017

Literacy Learning - Snippets Along The Journey

I should have written down all the funny things students have said over the years.
I'd be rich.
I should write down all the silly things my grand-miracles are starting to say.
I'm enriched with the opportunity to witness the journey of literacy learning without the stress of parenting this time!

What’s your name, sweetie,” the clerk asked?

Eeee peed on the toiy-it,” she responded in toddler-speak.

Good girl,” the clerk clapped assuming, erroneously, Eeee was her name and accurately that something had happened in the bathroom.

And so the clerks and the toddler joined in a round of applause for someone named Eeee, thinking, foolishly, that the story teller in front of them had accomplished great things in the bathroom that day!

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