Tuesday, September 26, 2017

SOL17 Some assembly required?

Cozy Coupe®
I spent a good amount of time attempting to assemble a "toy car" that says, "Some assembly required!"

After 38 years on the market , there must have been TENS of THOUSANDS of these peddle-less cars assembled across this country! I am positive that exhausted parents as well as individuals who can barely read have assembled these. I am certain that some families have assembled more than one! I have an advanced degree in literacy and have assembled IKEA bookcases, a gas grill, and a picnic table!  "I can do this," I thought as I opened the box.

But, it's still wheel-less at one week  I am trying to persist; however, at this juncture, it is STILL not drive-able!

So, it was with trepidation, I opened the other Little Tykes box to find out how bad the other gift, for the other two-year-old was going to be! According to Amazon, it is a NUMBER 1 BEST SELLER!   I assembled it in minutes!  I was so excited.....

But I noticed something interesting as the two sat side by side.  The Cozy Coupe, hard as it is to put together, appears to be made to last a lot longer than the basketball hoop....that I suspect will likely have a life-cycle measured in months!

Of course, like so many life experiences, there may be a message gleaned from all this time with Little Tyke plastic: Things might be a little sturdier, a little more valued, and perhaps more stable if they are a little harder to achieve.  Or, perhaps I am just reading too much into this "some assembly required " Cozy Coupe challenge me during this once-in-a-lifetime-season of toddler birthdays!


marcaureled said...

"Some assembly requires" is what like is all about isn't it. The effort brings the pay off! Enjoy the birthdays with your grandchildren!

Linda B said...

I bought one granddaughter a beginning scooter a few years ago when we were at Target. We spent the rest of her visit that day "assembling" it. She did have fun, later! I remember more than one Christmas working very late as a Santa assembler. Hope all will get together soon! We did have that hoop for our grandson. Don't worry, it held up fine! Fun to think of applying your work to the longevity, though.