Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturday Morning.....and I Must Be Missing My Grad Students it is a sunny Saturday morning and while I a little concerned about another pending storm, I am moving ahead thinking about our class and what points will help you to all see the potential of teachers to shape comprehension. As I read this reader response about thinking aloud, I really found myself thinking about INTERACTIVE READING AND THINKING ALOUD!

The reflection observed:
"I thought the modeling of interactive read alouds to be most helpful in terms of working with younger children in helping them monitor their own comprehension."

I too find my mind wandering at times when I read. Recently, I have been reading aloud editorial columns from the NY Times to my Dad who is very ill but still thinking. As I read YOUR response I was thinking about MY READING of a recent column by Maureen Dowd. While I was reading, my mind was not on the column but rather on the irony of my Dad's condition where his mind is intact and his body is not. FORTUNATELY, in the middle of the column I stopped to have a bit of an interactive think aloud "turned around"....that is I asked my Dad what he was thinking to help refocus me to the article without rereading it.

NOW THE REAL REASON FOR THIS POSTING is not to get you to read Maureen Dowd but instead to think about your own reading and how discussion supports all of our comprehension.
While it would be ideal to think that we are always thinking and focused on our reading......we are not! right now when the piles of laundry are awaiting and the dust bunnines are rolling across the office floor......our minds are elsewhere....but it is good to know there is a way to restart our comprehension!

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