Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Snow Days

I'm not sure anyone is even reading my attempt to model and scaffold a "modern" form of literacy, blogging; however, I guess I might as well begin to share my thoughts in writing and make them "shared text."
Yesterday, I really had a glimpse into the complex feelings of Superintendents of Schools and others who struggle to make the decision to delay, cancel or keep open schools during times of "unsure" weather. While the weather people were not screaming, "A blizzard is coming," the snow was blowing and drifting from my vantage point and the driving was VERY scary with roads covered with snow and cars off to the side like "unsuitable" candies tossed from that box of Valentine goodies. I found myself worried about "my" students who would soon be trying to get to class and I began to wonder if it was worth the risk. But, then I began to feel like a WHIMP for even thinking of cancelling class and feeling GUILTY for all the money you pay to hear my "weekly pearls of wisdom."
ANYWAY, those feeling all swirled around as sipped hot tea and watched the channel 12 news again and again hoping for a sign of what I should do....
AND THEN......I got that sign I was looking for.....Westchester Community College cancelled their evening classes....that was good enough for me......they had LOTS of LOTS of kids and they wanted them to be safe.....
You never know in those situations and so I got a glimpse of how Superintendents MUST struggle again and again.....and yet I certainly have mumbled unkind things about WASTING or NOT GIVING time when the weather was iffy.....
So on this first day of the "season of reflection"......I will try to be KINDER and MORE UNDERSTANDING to those who have to make decisions every day about the welfare of others......I will not second guess their decisions with unkind words and really is a HUGE responsibility.....just like being a teacher....because everything we do has impacts our students.....even this blog MIGHT someday impact you and your teaching!

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