Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Energizing and Recharging

I guess when you write one day, you think more about what you WANT to write about the next....Gee I guess that's why our kids need to writer every day!  BUT, that is NOT the purpose of THIS post!
I REDECORATED my blog yesterday BEFORE I posted.  I really didn't think about WHAT I was doing or the significance until I lay in bed thinking before falling asleep.  In reality, I thought about changing the old "wallpaper" because a little icon popped up and told me they had some exciting new ones for me to consider!  In reality, as I lay sleeping, I was wondering if I, like our students, could use that energizing that happens when we "rededicate" our writerly lives through a new notebook, a new cover for an old notebook, or even a new writing project.  I think there are times when ALL of us gets into a "rut" and really needs the "recharging" that change can bring.  SO, the next time a teacher tells me about a student who is in a writing slum or who is not getting enough words on the paper, I am going to suggest: paper options (maybe with borders) or a new notebook or a new topic or a new writing implement or a new location.  Just like a new pair of sneakers might just energize our "exercizerly" lives or retail therapy that might get us through a "down" day, something new might just be what the "writing doctor" ordered!
PS I feel better (energized) already!

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