Tuesday, October 18, 2011

September and June

After many years of living with a teacher, my husband has learned to pretty much "ignore" me in September and in June.  As a non-teacher married to a teacher, he thinks those 2 months are "the worst months for teachers!"
I must admit they are busy months and the days fly by as noted by my LIMITED blog posts in September AND in October.  There is SO much to do.  The new students, the old students with new needs and the plethora of paperwork that modern education entails really do keep us busy; however, I really disagree that these months of settling in and wrapping up are "bad months" for teachers.  In fact, I suspect they are among the most exciting months of the year where the possibilities for and evidence of learning are tangible reminders of the important work we do.
As October unfolds, we are already thinking of our first round of assessments and observing the progress our students have made in the 6 weeks that we have been learning together. 
And so, while my lack of blog posts might be evidence of my busy state of being, it is not a sign of bad times....just busy days...and the need for stay on top of the paper work, lesson plans and learning.

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