Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's a lot of hard work

I really do have just about the best job imaginable.  There is NOTHING that could compare with seeing the magic of learning in a young child's face.  Those smiles that seem to go from ear to ear and the excitement that always comes from a big discovery, "Delta (airlines) starts with a "D" - I can find their sign at the airport!
The downside of my job is that there really is no way to "work" from home as teaching is still a highly interactive activity; however as anyone who lives with a teachers already knows, teachers work a LOT from home!  It's also a lot of hard work to be a really good teacher.
I left school after 5 tonight as I prepared for a four day weekend - and I was not done.  I am not sure I could ever be totally "done"....because it really is a lot of hard work to be a I will be working on this 4 day weekend to catch up with paperwork and I will likely stay late on Monday......but it is SO very worth it.....cause I am SURE that there was a child at the airport who connected the Delta sign with the "D dog d" letter work I have been "selling" for a few weeks. 

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