Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Time to write

It's been too long of a break from my blog - and not because I have had nothing to say - that is for sure!  I have SEVERAL posts that I drafted in my head during the past weeksand WANTED to write about.  I guess they can go onto my <^^> list to write about later - note to self - write about what I have been reading and about reading during Irene and about my CSA and about my sundried tomatoes and about being on the homeside of open house and about the kids' perspecitve of Open Hosue and about the battle we've been fighting and about growing older and about family feuds and about holding on during hard times and about the truck driver who was a prophet in his time .........
ANYWAY, during this incredibly busy end to my summer, as I have literally run to keep up with the balls that have been dropping out of everywhere, I have been thinking about the "GIFT" of "REGULAR PREDICTABLE TIME TO WRITE" that we CAN give to children in our classrooms when we create regular times to write.  I know that IF I had given up my treadmill OR my email OR my making of sun dried tomatoes, I COULD have made time to record my thinking and reflecting but I did not have the structure in my end of summer days. 
I guess we all need TIME to write, as Donald Graves so eloquently put it.  Regular, predictable time to write may be a the core of how we begin to think of ourselves as writers.  Like in my life, it is VERY easy to just "skip it for the day" in classrooms where it is likely few students will complain and there is always SO much to do and TOO little time. 
I guess our classroom life really does reflect our lives outside of them: we have to MAKE time for what we deem MOST important.  SO, I will for the next few weeks try to return to my semi-public writerly life. 

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