Friday, August 19, 2011

multiple wives

I read a lot of books these days - many more than in the days when my house was full of the noise and laughter than are benchmarks of young families.  I read realistic fiction and biographies more than other genre but lately I have not read ANY biographies that were worthy of "blogging" or sharing.  BUT THIS WEEK, I read Favorite Wife" Escape From Polygamy and this one is indeed a compelling story that will stay with me for a while.
Susan Ray Schmidt came from a polygamist family and at 15 married into another one.  It was the way people lived and all she knew...and until she began to reflect on the life she was living in relation to Old and New Testament readings in the Bible. 
It seems hard to believe that a woman who is about my age and lived in the same era as me could have had such a different life....but was al she knew...and polygamy was indeed what she was raised to do.
My life as so different.  It was assumed that Iwould go to college no matter what.  It was assumed that I would chose one partner for life.  That was / is all I know!
As I was finishing the story on the porch this morning, I could not help but think about the MANY differences in our lives...and about how are children really do learn from what they live and experience....

Sometimes,. I joke about "wanting" a wife to clean and cook for my husband and for me - but know that I am really joking - especially now - one wife in a marriage is just fine - and what the good book intended for us to be! 

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