Friday, August 19, 2011

Target and Staples and Office Depot and even Walmart Know

Five Star Trend Notebook With 8
Long, long ago,  notebooks came in basic colors and binders were always covered in something that resembled blue cotton (most of you have NO idea what I mean so here is a picture!).
Even then, I usually managed to get pretty excited when I would see them stacked high in piles in Woolworths or Grants (that's what our stores were named in the OLD days!)  I know that some of my friends were FAR more excited about the annual shoe store ritual that allowed us to have a new pair of leather shoes that would last us ALL school year long. While there was a neat smell to new shoes to be sure, my long and narrow feet usually meant that I could NOT choose the trendy style or color and would have to settle on whatever they had the fit my feet!  Perhaps that is why I got FAR more satisfaction out of selecting my school supplies! 
As a teacher, I have been able to transform that back to school ritual into a virtual science and month long event!  Early on, those ads start trickling into the Sunday paper.  My daughter suggested I might be salivating when I saw that first one this summer - she might have been right!  The depth and breadth of school supplies has been almost overwhelming - even to me - a vetern back to school shopper of many years!
It is SO hard to choose the best notebook(s) and folders when the choices include beauties like these:
Office Depot Brand 100percent Recycled Fashion
So, I usually pass up the first few I "love" so that I can prolong the search just a bit.....and then after I go into school to begin the classroom set up, I find an excuse to get just a few more make me ready for a new year!  Today, I am off to buy a new 3 ring binder for all those important papers I will be getting in just a few days!
These days, I really do have more shoes than I need, so I guess I can splurge a bit on that binder!
I really do feel SORRY for kids who get all their school supplies delivered in a box....they have no idea how exciting this time of year can be!

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