Friday, August 5, 2011

Martha, Beth and Me

In the spirit of "true confessions" I admit that I REGULARLY pick up the Martha Stewart magazine in the check out line at Walmart and skim through the pages where she shows how someone with LOTS OF FREE TIME and lots of PATIENCE might craft an incrediblly beautiful table / bedroom / bathroom or centerpice.  I really do ADMIRE the beauty she creates and in the spirit of true confessions, I have been known to TRY to recreate a FEW of her simple pieces in my own home.  I do not, however, buy her magazine every month because I really do NOT have the time / parties that might justify bringing all those ideas into my home every month!  I do however, reguraly scan her magazine and mentally note a few that make me smile. 
In order to support my creative side in a less stressful manner, I do read Real Simple magazine -a more realistic and approacheable version of Martha for those of us with full time jobs and less compulsive OCD tendencies!  I love the organizational ideas and put lots of those ideas into my mental "maybe someday" file! 

And in the spirit of true confessions, I also follow BETH NEWINGHAM'S blog          
and educational journey on a pretty regular bases.  I absolutely adore the images of her classroom she shares willingly with the world and the creative and artistic "bend" she has brought to "designing classrooms"! 
 I really do consider Beth to be the Martha Steward of teaching!  She obviously works VERY hard and is a dedicated teacher whose classroom is an amazingly inviting place! 

NOW, once again in the sprit of true confessions, I really must admit that my classroom is FAR from Beth Newingham's classroom in physical appearance and in organization.! 
These are images from Beth's room from her website.....

Beth also blogs for Scholastic and she is a WONDERFUL source of great ideas! 

While I do LOVE to get ideas from the PROS (especially during these days in August when Staple ads remind us that school will soon be back in session), I know in my heart that MOST of us do not have matching furniture and many of us share tight spaces and crowded classrooms. 

So, in the spirit of true confessions, it's OK to drool over Martha and Beth but it is ALSO JUST WONDERFUL to be making a few signs and downloading some images of the circus

 because YOUR room is REALLY a 3 RING CIRCUS!  



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