Saturday, June 21, 2014

#celebratelu2014 End of yearitis

It happens every year! 
 It's nearing the end of the school year in these parts and so the ritual of filling folders, cleaning files and running at full throttle is in full swing.  There are numerous picnics, writing celebrations and more "moving up" days than I can count.  This week, there will be graduations and curriculum rewriting will commence K-12 as soon as the graduates walk across the stage! On the one hand, we should ALL (kids and teachers) be exhausted and should be limping our way towards summer vacation; however, it never seems to be that way!  Instead, this week, I celebrate "The End of Yearitis." 

Perhaps you have never heard it named before, but if you are a student or a teacher or live with either one,you have experienced that energy surge that borders on mania that accompanies the end of each school year.  There is a bit of the "Bob the Builder" I can take on the world feeling that causes individuals to begin projects that would have been seen as  impossible just weeks before! 

Some clear signs of it were evident this week:

  • More than one of my reluctant readers and writers showed up each morning with "made at home" writing creations.  In their own way, they are reflecting on the year and trying to savor the memories.  They have been listening and learning even when we thought they weren't.  Now, as the sun sets in this school year, they are filled with energy to write! Why, I wonder?  It's the end of yearitis.
  • Parents are clamoring for books, ideas, suggestions, worksheets for their kids for the summer.  They have been assured by their children, who are suffering from end of yearitis, that they are eager to read every day this summer. Yes, some students who have been reluctant readers for the past 190 days are just clamoring to get at those piles of books their parents are stockpiling!  Why, I wonder?  It's the end of yearitis
  • It's not that I don't have anything to do for school, like progress reports to edit, but I found myself recovering cushions for the porch this week!  I also cleaned out a closet! Why, I wonder?  It's the end of yearitis!  
  • My son, a teacher, must have a particularly bad case this year as evidenced by his Depot visit yesterday! As the mania, now known as end of yearitis kicks in, he can certainly build fine furniture, take on home repair, and become a master chef!      
  • As for me?  Yes I have it bad, too. When I found out that I would be moving classrooms, again, I began singing and dancing to Johnny Cash's "Going Down Down Down...." and the old 70's sitcom theme, "Moving On Up!" Moving, again, no problem!  I can pack 'em up, ship 'em out like Elizabeth Montgomery on Bewitched!  I have plans to write, read, sew and oh yes, clean up the mess I made sewing those cushions!   
  •  It's a glorious feeling, this end of the yearitis! 



Rdgtchr said...

I love that you have named and described what we all experience. Enjoy the start of your summer.

Terje said...

Ha. Yearitis - good to have a diagnosis. :)

Julieanne said...

Naming it is a good step. I guess it's that feeling that we are at the end but it is really a new beginning with so much in front. You post gives me such energy. I think I'll go build that bookcase we just got delivered!

Michelle Haseltine said...

Good news is the cure...summer! Wishing you a quick recovery from end of yearitis!!! :)

LInda Baie said...

It's much fun to make those plans with our extra energy from end-of-yearitis, Anita. Thanks for the name, finally!

Jennifer Reed said...

I love this and feel it myself - end-of-yearitis! Hooray for energy to do fun things (and sometimes not so fun things).