Tuesday, June 10, 2014

SOL2014 Taking Risks

I opened the TWT email from Betsy the other day proposing a summer writing group, and for a minute, I thought she was writing just to me! How did she know about that letter responding to a story draft sent long, long ago?  How did she know they suggested maybe, that long ago drafted story had some merit? I hit "yes" quickly but then, like those I teach, the reality of possibly failing in front of my peers caused me to rethink my response.  

I've thought about my response and my feelings quite a bit in the past few days.  None of us can grow without taking risks. None of us can grow without feedback from our peers.  While it's scary to try new things and it's embarrassing to fall on your face in front of our peers, the reality of not saying "yes" is certainly worse!  
Brian Cambourne's Conditions of Learning are not just "old school ideas"! 

Learner (child or adult) believes
This is something I want to do. 
This is something I can do
This is something I can try without fear 
of begin criticized or punished. 
B. Cambourne


Julie Johnson said...

I signed up too and had the same feelings after I hit submit. :) Being part of this group is certainly going to help us grow, isn't it? Happy Writing!

BOnnie K. said...

I didn't sign up but I'm thinking about it ;) You are a risk taker. And you too Julie. Bravo!

Dana Murphy said...

So glad you are taking the risk! I am, too... and it's terrifying!

I don't think I ever read that quote before - it's great!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny? We make our students do it, so we should too! But it really feels like a huge risk! I wonder if people every get used to it.

Book Mama said...

Why is worrying about screwing up in our DNA? Especially when, as adults, we rationally realize that everyone fears the same thing? I wish for myself that one day I can offer the same grace I grant others when they try--and succeed or fail. So that I can become a little more comfortable succeeding and failing.

Carol said...

I didn't sign up, but I still might. It is really scary. I love the Cambourne quote. His work has pretty much been the basis of all of my teaching forever.