Friday, July 18, 2014

Which kids need us the most?

A month from now, a new crop of students will walk into crisply decorated classrooms everywhere.  Some of them will have read over the summer and others will have not picked up anything with printed text on it! .
Some will be dressed in new clothes and others in ragged hand-me-downs.
Some will be eager but many will be reluctant.
Some will have breakfast and others will be hungry.
Some will seek attention and others will want to hide.  
Dr. Maxwell, now Supt. in the district where I began my career, is right on with this quote.  Each of them needs us.  Even if they did not read, are wearing hand-me-downs, are hungry, reluctant and want to hide.  In fact, those kids who challenge us the most certainly need us the most! 

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Stacey said...

This is such a great quote. Clearly from a very wise person!