Saturday, March 26, 2016

#sol16 I never thought

The other day, my Two-Writing-Teacher friend Michelle posted this:

I read it late at night, lying in bed, not my own bed, but in another - sort of as if I was running away from home, from the pending holiday, from what used to be....from what I thought I had.....from what I never thought would be....from my old life....

I read it with tears ready to bubble over; however, like Michelle, I did not let them flow.  Instead, I let the "green eyed monster" who expected to have one of those happily-ever-after families that go off into the sunset together go back under the covers and go back to sleep.  Like Michelle, my hopes, dreams and plans have not played out the way I thought they would, the way I expected they would, they way I planned....

I read it thinking I wanted to drive to her house and give Michelle a big hug and tell her that I understood....I really did.....Life does not always play out the way we want it to....the way we thought it would...the way we wanted it to go.....

I'm not sure the source of this quote (although the internet gives credit to Hilary C.) but I cut it out a few months ago from something I saw on Twitter and put it in my quote book:  Life is not about what happens to you, it's about what you do with what happens to you - so get back out there."  

So on this eve of the holiday filled with hope for unimaginable miracles and calorie free chocolates,..on the even of this holiday where hope springs eternally...on the eve of this holiday of brighter colors and lighter jackets and hope for better days ahead..... I'm going to keep on going and doing, and praying and loving......'cause sometimes, life is not how we thought it would be....but I'm glad I got back out there because:
Oh My Goodness, 
Doggy loving moments
Baby hugs and kisses
Are some of the greatest joys 
On earth
I am glad 
I am trying 
To get back out there
Even though I never thought......


Michelle Haseltine said...

Oh my friend! Two of the sweetest words are, "Me too." I love the quote and I'm so grateful that you shared your story here too. It is a good life. And we both need to get back out there! (Hope life brings us a chance to meet, in real life, someday soon!!!!) Sending hugs and prayers and gratitude!!!!

Linda B said...

Anita, Have I missed you all this March time? I guess I have, but glad to see you writing & how great that you spoke of Michelle's post, which was heartfelt, & I imagine spoke to so many. I love your quote, exactly right!

Ramona said...

Love your poem and thoughts in response to Michelle's post. And my favorite quote is yours: "I'm going to keep on going and doing, and praying and loving." You have so many challenges right now. Hugs for a hopeful and blessed Easter.