Thursday, March 3, 2016

#sol16 March 3 A Moment in Manhattan

The sky is dark when I leave when I leave my Lincoln Center Campus.  It's a long day for me as I get up before 5 AM, commute more than an hour to my day job, teach struggling readers all day, and then grad students at night.  I am tired when I head out of the city sometime after 9 PM for my long commute home! 

Perhaps it's the deep thinking that goes on or perhaps it is the caffeine I inevitably consume to keep me energized; whatever it is, I usually have MORE energy when I leave campus than when I arrive! 

Last night, however, as I stepped onto the busy street corner in Manhattan, I thought I was either over tired or just imagining things.  There appeared to be a person walking/running towards me.  As he got closer, it was clear that the person was driving his stand-up-motorized-walking stick down the busy street. He waited at the light and then sped off down the street.  I must admit to staring to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing.  I wish I had taken a picture but frankly I was too shocked to do so!  I did look around to see if others at the intersection were as surprised as I was. Everyone else was busy talking to friends or texting on their phones leaving me to wonder on the drive home is I had really seen what I thought I had seen! 

So now, I will forever wonder if I was just overtired or did I really see what I thought I saw on a busy street corner in Manhattan!   I guess the "central message" is to capture those "moments" in pictures as well as words!

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Liz McKenna said...

After living in the city for most of my life, teaching there for the beginning of my career, and attending both college and grad school in Manhattan, I am constantly surprised and somehow not surprised by the crazy things going on that people just don't notice! A really vivid moment, for sure!