Sunday, April 17, 2016

Despair under clear blue skies

The juxtaposition
 Of despair and hope,
Of unfathomable grief
And infinite love,
Of life-changing news
Amid blooming daffodils,
Of a sea of tears
Under a clear blue sky,
Of potential lost
While we were helpless,
To change the heartache,
To stop the rain, 
To corral the sorrow,
To measure the sadness.
Even as reminders
Of rainbows after storms,
Of peace after turmoil
Popped through the soft earth.

"Don't sweat the small stuff," 
He said
As another lamp broke
Or another jacket was lost.
"Break the rules.
Forgive quickly, 
Love truly. 
Laugh uncontrollably
Never regret anything that makes you smile,"
Said Mark Twain.
"Hold tight to those you love,"
I'm reminded.
As I reflect on yesterday,
Pray under today's sunrise,
Hope for healing tomorrow.

1 comment:

Amy Rudd said...

Hope all is ok Anita...thinking of you.