Tuesday, April 26, 2016

#sol16 It looks like you!

There was a time,
Not that long ago,
When I was a younger,
Slimmer, less wrinkled, less gray, 
Version of me, now!

As we shared this lovely tale
Of reading to family
The other day,
One of my kindergartners
Offered excitedly,
"She looks just like you!"
"Did you write this book?
She asked with a smile!   
"I wish I had," I commented,
"But I am very busy listening to 
My readers, like you!"
"I am a reader" she smiled
Rewriting the page as she read,
"I can read to Mrs. Ferreri
Who looks just like this!"

I'm pretty lucky
To have shared
Many wonderful
Reading journeys
Where I was an 
Auntie, Mom, 
Long ago,
Perhaps the 
"Cool, young" teacher.  

I'm fortunate 
To have shared 
Enough magical 
Reading journeys
To qualify me as
A title I proudly wear!



Dana Murphy said...

Ha! Yes, wear your 'grandmotherly' label proudly. You earned it.

Tara Smith said...

What a great moment ...and a great badge to wear proudly, too!