Tuesday, July 12, 2016

#SOL2016 Soothsayers

I've been on a "blogging break" as I've dealt with hard to write about slices of life. However, this week, I've had TWO "slices with soothsayers" that left me with goosebumps as well as this "uncanny" need to write

Not long before the "fireworks" began, she looked me as if she had known me for a long, long time and started, "Honey, it's gonna be OK.  I promise you, if you believe in your whole heart, if you let your anger and hurt go, if you just put your whole trust in the Almighty, it will be just fine.  You will see the majesty of the mountains, the power of the sunrise and wrap your days in glorious sunsets." To be honest, there was a part of me that felt like laughing out loud as this person I did not know and had never talked to before seemed to "see" into my heart; but, for some reason I just let her continue. "You have to look ahead," she continued, "and not back into the past.  In the past there is sadness but your future is brighter than you can ever imagine." Throwing her hands to the heavens, she added , "I have plans for you, he says, plans for glorious days ahead!"  I nodded and thanked her for her "predictions" as I said my "Good-bye" and moved away.wondering if I had imagined that interaction or if it was real. To be quite honest, things did NOT suddenly turn around and my life did NOT suddenly become a "bed-of-roses," but for some strange reason, I get "goosebumps" as her words resonated in my head.

Then, not too many days later, as we "shared an elevator" at "self-storage" house, another soothsayer looked over to my loaded cart and questioned me, "Moving?" I nodded in response to her query and she continued. "I have to be out this week and it's the hottest week in a long time.  I have a lot of books, like you.  I was a teacher, an English teacher."  I stared down at my cart of boxes marked clearly, "BOOKS." but I said nothing, somehow I didn't need to say anything and she continued. "We may be tiny, but we are mighty and fierce," she continued, "Shakespeare was talking about us!"  And with a click of her heels, I think I saw, she was out of the elevator on her floor and I never saw her again.  In spite of the stifling heat, I had goose-bumps all over as I unloaded my cart.

Now, the truth is I have never had my "future-formally-predicted" by a paid-crystal-ball-toting fortune teller; however, this week, soothsayers seem to be finding ME in strange places and compelling me to slice about THEM!  So, because I do hope the future is as bright as SS#1 predicted and because I do hope I am as mighty as SS#2 seemed to believe from a chance encounter in an elevator, I'm slicing up their stories this summer morning!



beckymusician said...

Wow! What a unique experience! I hope that the prediction comes true for you, and also that your move is easy and smooth.

Molly Kirk said...

I am amazed at those chance encounters when a stranger's words find their way into your heart. Good for you to be open to their words.