Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#sol2016 A Different Holiday

 I really wasn't sure IF I wanted to do anything?
I could watch the parade and eat turkey soup.
No guests, no holiday requirements.
No worries about icy driveways.
No welcoming far flung children, 
Parents, siblings, to my home.
I had not admitted the sadness, even to myself,
As I faced another,
Different holiday season.

Then, in a turn of events 
I could not see coming,
The stars aligned 
In an unlikely way.
I found myself 
Care-giving for my Aunt,
Who never wanted to do anything 
Other than watch the parade, or 
Eat a turkey sandwich
On that food and family filled holiday.

However, this year,
She was we joined not only by me,
But also,
By a great-niece she had not seen in many years,
A great-nephew she had never met,
A shedding dog with endless kisses,
A great-great niece, taking her first steps,
"Eating" her first Thanksgiving dinner.
Piles of roasted, not mashed, veggies,
Dressing, fresh from a box,
Homemade cranberry sauce,
Squeals, laughter and a
Football game on TV.

"Bye-bye," they waved, as the guests,
Exhausted from travel,
Plates, laden with food,
Pie, with a side of ice cream,
Walking all over the place,
Licking, smelling, the new place, 
Providing entertainment,
Headed on a long journey home, 
To bed or crib!

"It was the best Thanksgiving in at least
25 years," she sighed,
 As I helped her into bed
And thought how Out Of Her Comfort Zone
She must have been.
"That was fun!
I'll sleep well tonight!"

I smiled a happy smile,
As happy tears rolled
Down my cheeks,
 As I took care of dog hair
On the carpet,
Bits of corn 
On the floor,
The pile of dishes,
 We made.

"Families grow, suffer losses, 
Holiday tables and gatherings 
That is the way it supposed to be,"
I thought
Sadly at first but also
Remembering, happily
Those not with us 
Because they too were needed 
At other tables.
Remembering, loving, 
Those who have passed from Earth,
Remembering, sadly 
Those we have loved and lost.

"Thank goodness I stopped for those pies," 
I smiled as I sipped my end-of-the-day tea.
Some things do not change!



BK said...

Bravo that you were able to find a new way of celebrating Thanksgiving. This one was a lot easier for me this year than last year as well. :)

Jennifer Laffin said...

You captured the spirit of the holiday so beautifully, Anita. I am glad you could find some joy through your sorrow. Peace to you throughout the entire holiday season!


Linda B said...

No matter how I've celebrated Thanksgiving, it's always been a good time, with two or twenty. I'm happy to hear from you, Anita, and glad you wrote. I'm also happy for your great-aunt. She was blessed with this Thanksgiving!

Ms. Terje said...

The emotions in this piem are honest and touching. The sadness and unexpected joy move my heart. Beautiful poem.

Ramona said...

So good to hear from you. I hope the upcoming holiday season continues to bring unexpected joy amid the sorrow of missing loved ones. They are ever with us, even when they've stepped away.