Sunday, April 9, 2017

#celebratelu Trudging Through Tough Times

I just want to go home
She said ,sadly
I get a little better
Then, something happens
I try to do
What they say
I get tired, though
When, I am exercising
I was never in the army
When I was young
I just want to go home
To watch my shows, when
I want to watch them
To eat what
I want, to eat
When I want to,
I'm tired
Of trudging through
Tough times

Me too
I said, sincerely
Thinking about
Taxes, Google Docs
Papers, boxes, cleaning
I too try to do what they say
Then, the tough times
Come, as Annie's
Theme song begins
The sun will come out


Ramona said...

Anita, my heart goes out to you in these tough times. And to your loved one (your mom?) experiencing tough times also. Blessings for some sunlight to peek through your clouds and lift your spirits.

Carol Varsalona said...

Anita, tough times are indeed tough but with faith we make it through.