Tuesday, April 25, 2017

#sol17 To Read

Last month was Dr. Seuss's birthday,
This month is Poetry month,
Yesterday was World Book Day,
Lots of reasons to read.

Today is a Rainy Day,
Rainy days are Tee Pee Days,
Recovering from Stomach Flu Days,
Stuck at home
Stuck inside days,
Climb inside a toddler-sized-tee-pee
With a stack of upside-down books
Rest your head on a cozy pillow
Pull up a comfy blanket
Learning to be a reader kind of day.


BK said...

THere's a place I would LOVE to be. Tee Pee rainy day... I need one of those.

Linda B said...

Although it's because of illness, still a special rainy day with books. Love this, Anita!

Tara Smith said...

That looks like heaven...especially when sick, there's nothing better than being close to someone we love, and a stack of great books.