Monday, December 7, 2020

#sol20 December 8 Still True After All These Years


"There is a note inside,"  he said slowly taking the folded paper out gingerly as if he knew it was important.

"Yes," I sighed as I read the note tucked carefully inside the ornament for the 40th time.  "May all your news be good news," I read with my voice quavering as I remembered that Christmas Eve, long ago, when we gathered with family to eat, sing and exchange good wishes. Those were happy times and in retrospect, we may have all taken the gift of family a little bit for granted. 

It was not my mother who made the needlepoint ornament long ago, but I learned a lot from that woman who lived happily, loved completely, and forgave easily.  I did grow to love her with all my heart.

Over the years, many ornaments have been lost as children and them  grandchildren took ornaments on and off the tree in an age-old decorating exercise.  Many ornaments were also lost as I moved or hastily packed them away.  Many more ornaments now sit in the box because my tree, when I put one up, is much smaller and can handle only a few carefully curated ornaments.  

Yet, this ornament has stood the test of time perhaps because needlepoint is amazingly strong and resilient.  This one has also stood the test of time because its message is true no matter what you celebrate or do not celebrate in your home.  In fact, in this season when so many are alone or suffering from the ravages of the "sickness," this may be one message I can still wish for everyone I meet!  



arjeha said...

A wish for everyone at any time. I think that it is wonderful that the note is still in the mailbox as a reminder each year and for years to come.

Red Emma said...

such a lovely ornament, and even lovelier message.

Fran said...

Great needlepoint ornament with a message that has stood the test of time. Great small moment!

Ramona said...

I love the way you told this. Precious ornament and message, but the memories are even more precious. Thanks for this story.