Monday, December 14, 2020

#sol20 Hope Amid Despair

The days are short
Often dark and and cloudy.
The news is bleak
Often filled with dire predictions,
News of incredible losses,
Positive tests,
There is despair in the air.

When the clouds part
Sunrises and sunsets are magnificent.
The weather is almost spring-like. 
The barren trees appear to be awaiting,
News of vaccines arriving
Recovering patients
There is an inkling of hope it the air
Amid the despair.


Ruth said...

Hooray for hope!

Britt Decker said...

What an incredibly beautiful piece of writing. I so often feel this tension lately. Thank you for sharing!

Terje said...

Hope is light. In the darkness it is sometimes challenging to remember it. Thank you for a poem that gives hope.

Lainie Levin said...

So much life and light and wisdom. Yes, there is despair and darkness and difficulty. Thankfully we have beautiful writing like this - and, of course, one another.