Tuesday, February 1, 2011

too much snow

The "good" thing about a snowy wintery day when you live on top of a mountain is that you can't go any place so you really are "stuck" at home.  Normally, this means that I "tackle" a book that has been waiting for me or "tackle" some school work that bekons me.  After 5 snow days in 5 weeks, something VERY strange happened to me today.  For some reason, I decided to clean my refrigerator and pantry.  Perhaps it was the looming realization that Spring Break will not be part of this year's vocabulary.  Perhaps it was the realization that we will be in school until mid July at this rate of snow.  Whatever the reason, it was an OH MY kind of day. Oh my, someone needs to be neater and oh my how did we get 4 containers of cilantro? Now that that is done, I will get back to my previously scheduled reading and school work.   

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