Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vacation on Ice

Teachers work hard - we really do - and we do take our jobs home - and think about our students before and after hours; however, teachers do have "vacation" time to energize their batteries and refresh their minds.  We can't decide the "dates" we get "off" but we do get time "off".  This week is one of those times and I have to admit that I wanted to "get away" this vacation - even though I do not usually go anywhere on this vacation.  It wasn't as if I had made plans that fell wasn't as if I had even thought about going was just that I wanted to run away.  I wanted to lie on a beach or ski on a sunny slope - I really didn't care.  I just wanted "away"....and I wanted it badly.  I probably wasted about 24 hours of my "vacation" with my "pity party" until - as usual - life's events reminded me that I WAS where I needed to be doing WHAT I needed to be doing.  I still will not be "ahead" on cleaning or writing and I still will have closets that need organizing; yet, again this week I am reminded that what I value and treasure most on this earth are my family and friends - people - not things.  With the magic of technology, I can connect and "visit"...even though I can not touch them  SO, the pity party is over and I am back to powerpoints to amuse grad students and reading about the "best" available phonics programs.  I am enjoying the sunshine reflecting off my backyard iceberg.....and scouring the internet for summer vacation rentals at the beach.....because this has been ONE LONG, COLD, SNOWY, SAD winter! 

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