Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stockdale Principle

Perhaps it's because today is Easter and there were those we love who can no longer be part of our banter or conversation.  Or perhaps it is because I'm in a particularly reflective mood after a week of "vacation" and thinking about the ELA, merit pay changes, final papers, graduations and the challenges of a tight job market for my grad students and others for whom I care deeply.  Whatever the reasons, I am deep in thought this evening about how people confront, prevail and start anew after the inevitable disappointments and disillusionments that life so often delivers our way
I am grateful for the reminder of a weekly sermon and the strength of my faith.  I am also grateful for those who have faced adversity and lived to share strategies with those of us on the journey.  Some time ago, I read about the Stockdale Principle, which suggests we must retain faith and hope that we will prevail while accepting our current reality, whatever that might be.  Stockdale, if I remember correctly, was a prisoner of war who encouraged his fellow prisoners but never engaged in what we might today call "bucket list" making. 
So today, the reality is that there are many among us faced with great adversity and many challenges even on this day of great joy and promise.  There are likely some who might stumble on this blog post while they should be doing papers, case studies, or reader responses; however, I am using this blog as my way own way of sorting through my life of many complex and intersecting identities including my role of teacher. 

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