Sunday, April 10, 2011

Struggling Readers and Writers

As I watched the Blind Side last night, I was reminded that we ALL read, write and watch through the lenses of our experiences and passions.  As a mother, I couldn't help but connect to the power of a momma who would do anything to protect and support her child. I know that kind of love; the kind that would make you say and do ANYTHING to protect your child from harm.  As the parent of a high school and college football player, I certainly connected to the movie on that level.  I do remember the college coaches calling (even if they were phone calls rather than visits) and the challenge of dropping my child off at college.  And, as a teacher of struggling readers and writers, I couldn't help but watch through that lense and reflect on students I have known whose family's lives have shaped their learning environments and whose academic struggles have challenged me to find innovative ways to engage and meet their needs.  Children just like this are in our public school classrooms every day and they don't always have support outside of school.  As I watched the movie, I really was also reminded that we do not ever really know a child's potential.  With caring support and devoted teachers, all things are possible. 
The big surprise in watching the movie was when my husband leaned over early in the movie and noted about the struggling student, "he can't read!"   I guess that we also read, write and watch through the lenses of those around us!   

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