Monday, April 11, 2011

More on this story.......the beginning

Today, as I walked through Fahnstock State Park today, I saw something so strange, I am not even sure it was real!  It had been a pretty wonderful walk through the Appalachian Trail out onto the Blue Traail that takes you through Putnam County.  We had gotten started a little later than we should have and after about 90 minutes of walking, we realized we were a bit disoriented when we came to a fork in the road with Blue Trails heading in both directions!  At this point, we could have gone back the way we came and been back to the car in abouther a little over 90 minuets!   (It was going to take longer to get out than to come it because it was going to be up hill ALL way back.)  OR we could head off on the RIGHT Blue Trail and be back at the car in just about 15 minutes!  The only really BAD choice would be going the wrong direction which would likely mean a LONG night out in the woods. 
I voted for going back the way we came in; however, my husband was tired and wanted out more quickly (plus he dreaded the long uphill climb!).  In order to prevent a disaster, we agreed to each take one of the "forks" and walk for JUST five minutes to see where we were headed.  Then, we would meet again at the fork and decide what to do! 
I had just left my husband to explore which direction we should go.  I was tired - frankly exhausted  -and the sun was already begining to get low in the sky.  As I came over the ridge of the first hill I saw the brightest of lights ahead of us.  The lights were blinding but even more than that, the lights were like a giant magnet pulling me closer and closer and closer.  I could feel myself moving faster and faster and faster...until....

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