Saturday, May 19, 2012

Inspiration and Perspiration (Racing Minds)

I woke up this morning with my mind racing (too bad that doesn't burn calories)!  I was  thinking about teachers – those already in the profession - the great ones who have retired and the great ones whose retirement celebrations were this week - and those who dream of entering this wonderful profession where we really do make a difference every day by what we do.  I suspect that some of the mind racing was do to the intermingling of angst about restructuring teacher evaluation processes while simultaneously revamping curriculum and raising levels of achievement.  I really do support these initiatives (at least in theory) because it is through change that we all force ourselves to look at what we do through new lenses. (Even changing a classroom is probably a good thing - but the thought of all that packing! ) I really do think we ALL need to look critically at our practice and can ALL improve on aspects of our professional (and personal lives).   I am confident that setting goals (raising expectations, losing weight, exercising, writing every day) helps us to make them part of our being and increases our chance at change. 
Yet, all of these thoughts were contributing to me being wide awake at a time on Saturday morning when I should have been asleep!
So I logged onto catch up with Two Writing Teachers and there was this great interview with Talor Mail that was definitely what I needed this morning as I write up the summary and reflect on my personal and professional goals for this school year that is drawing to a close - so quickly.  I must admit that I had never heard of Mail before (and I read a lot)!  It helped me to remember that we (teachers) need to advocate for our profession and be leaders WHILE being inspirations to our students. We guide them through the curriculum and the multiple land mines of life supporting, encouraging and caring. We really do make a difference. 

A review copy of this book was provided by the Penguin Group who is also giving away three copies of this book to three different readers who leave a comment on this post.  Details follow after Taylor's interview.

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