Thursday, May 31, 2012

It's Time to Think About Summer Reading

For those of us in NY, the school year is at the 90% mark and we still have lots of important teaching/learning days ahead of us.  I'm planning mini-units on writing quick poems and responses about what you read for my second graders.  I have plans to introduce series books and talk about the best graphic novels with my third graders.  I can't wait to begin my words in the sand (paper) mini unit with kindergartners and perhaps the best part of June will be to show my first graders how far they have come as readers (a few days on self reflection). 

Like the NY TIMES, I am also beginning to think about what I will read this summer.  There is a list near my desk of teacher and kids books that I hope to download, read and savor.  There is also a stack of books that my mother has already read waiting for me!  SO, when this article appeared in my feed, I knew that the Times wanted to remind me to look ahead to the days that teachers "get" as not only rewards for working very hard all year through, but also as a chance to prepare for the students that will come our way next year.

So now you know what I will be doing when the kids leave, writing, reading and getting ready for the new year (that starts in September for teachers - no in January)! 

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