Sunday, May 13, 2012

Most of us don't live in Hallmark Land: A Mothers' Day Perspective

Most of us (and most of our students) do not live in "Hallmark Land" where joyous families eagerly celebrate every holiday surrounded by generations of people who all: live forever, remember the holiday; get along together always; buy the perfect gift (not too big, not too small); get married to the perfect partner; have perfect jobs; have perfect mothers, fathers, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents;  live in perfect houses; have perfect children (or don't have children) according to their own plan; have perfectly behaved children who always do perfectly in school.........

After grading another grad school paper early this morning and before heading into the kitchen to make a gourmet-ish lunch to share with my own aging and frail mother, I stopped to read a bit of the NYTimes online.

Brian's perspective is one that will stay with me today and tomorrow as I talk to others about this holiday with, hopefully, sensitivity to its potential stress.  I'll take this perspective with me this afternoon as I help my mom, like so many others, "muddle" through this holiday because she lost one of her kids.  

So, if your Mother's Day is less than "Hallmark" perfect, this one if for all of us! 
PS If one of my own kids should find this post and think I am sad today - please know I am just reflective of the stresses of so many people around this holiday.  And, don't worry about the gifts - I shopped for myself - 25% off - at Talbot's yesterday:)  As Grandma Ferreri used to say, "You gotta take care of yourself!"

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