Thursday, September 12, 2013

Encore, Encore

At the end of a good show, there is an encore or two or three. The crowd, a bit sad that the show is over, begs for more.  The stars come back for a bit and show us what they do!  Sometimes, it's an old favorite and other times, it is a brand new song!

Those of us who are lucky enough to live long, full, and relatively healthy lives, will be lucky enough to have many encores during those lives. As soon as we get good and comfortable learning how to work with others in kindergarten, they send us to first grade to begin a new chapter. Then, when we master elementary school, they raise the bar again. When we finally get comfortable with life in high school, it's time to morph into college beings and when we finally master that, they send us to work. 

We morph from swinging singles, to comfortable couples, to full family life, to empty nesters as the seasons of life fly past like the rush of the wind.  We change jobs to adapt to new desires or our family's needs.  We change where we work by choice and by demand.  We take on encore jobs that we never even knew existed.  We add new hobbies, new crafts, new activities.

We may indeed have a moment (or a time) or two of sadness that the first "show" is over, especially if the show was a good one; however, we pick up the pieces, go in a new direction, and start singing a new, encore, song, if we are lucky. 

So it is during this season. Someone graduated from nursery school and is starting kindergarten, others graduated from high school and are starting college. Someone went back to their old school and picked up the pieces while others started a new school.  Someone is thinking about a new job and others are opening to changes in their lives.  Someone is starting a new job and others are starting new hobbies. Someone is thinking of downsizing and others are thinking of new homes and changing families. Someone "retired" and went back to school.  Those of us who are lucky enough, have many, many encores as the seasons of life, and our own show, changes.   

Encore, encore (and hang on tight 'cause some parts of the ride can be scary!)  

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