Tuesday, September 3, 2013

#SOL 2013 To Nest or to Labor, That is the Question!

Labor Day has traditionally been a day of "nesting" for me.  I (for some strange reason) need to clean out the Tupperware (Rubbermaid) drawer (it is now perfect) and vacuum out the laundry room.  All summer long, those jobs evade me, but as the days get sorter and the reality of parent-teacher nights sets in, the urge to clean these random places seems to overcome me.  There is something comforting about getting that laundry (almost) caught up and something empowering about cleaning up the piles near the door. 

"Can you help me pick up some 18 footers from the Depot?" he asked when I stopped the vacuum yesterday afternoon.  "You could stop and get some lettuce for your salad tomorrow and we could get a nice piece of fish for dinner on the way?"

How could I say I have laundry to "iron" when in reality I would not likely wear any of those clothes during this micro-short 2-day school week?   How could I say I have laundry to "iron" when in reality those clothes had been waiting for someone to iron them since June?  How could I get on my soapbox and say, "No one should have to work on Labor Day," knowing full well that those who were working were likely to be getting double time and were thrilled to be making all that extra money!

So we circled by our local veggie store, in search of some lettuce, and fortunately, for me, it was closed.  I didn't have to feel "sorry" for the people who had to work on the holiday and who could not be home "nesting"! I suspect, however, that Adams was the only place in the world closed for the holiday!  There were lots of cars and people at the Depot where everyone was really nice and helpful! 

Perhaps, it was because they were happy to be laboring, making money, and were not one bit concerned with nesting?
Perhaps it was because they had already nested and were now laboring while looking for ward to enjoying the "fruits" (aka $$$) of their labors?
Perhaps, this cleaning (nesting) frenzy is just the teacher in me preparing for my own "labor"?

To nest or to labor on Labor Day?
I guess it's a question, rather than a statement! 


Kay said...

I'm glad the workers you encountered were cheerful at working yesterday. Like you, I often feel sorry for those who have to work on holidays. I didn't get much nesting done, either, since we visited with family and then travelled home yesteday.

Lynn Grainger said...

I can relate to your nesting. That's how I spent the day as well... taking care of all those things I could have done, but I didn't do over the summer.

Stacey said...

I nested for a good deal of the day. However, at night I got out my glue gun and repaired something that needed fixing for months. Took me a half hour and boy was I happy when that labor was over!

BK said...

And what about the thinking that's going on in your head now as school starts? Where does that fit? Enjoy this new school year,