Saturday, May 3, 2014

#celebratelu Celebrating Dreams, Hopes and Wishes


It's Saturday and I'm going to celebrate thanks to Ruth and her Saturday morning celebrators who every week nudge me to do so! 

1) It's going to be a sunny Saturday and I'm very shortly off to the big city for a seminar; thus, that in and of itself is a reason to celebrate after a week of sad and often serious weather situations. 

2) It appears that my alliterative side is in full bloom even if the flowers are a little late so that would also be a reason to celebrate; however this week I am actually celebrating dreams, hopes and wishes: the ones that survive in spite challenges and the ones that sustain us throughout the challenges of our professional and personal lives.  

3)  As I prepared for my end-of-the-year evaluation, I did some self-reflection on what I had accomplished during this past school year and what I wanted to do in the future.  I'm sure that more than one principal has rolled his/her eyes when I left the office after sharing my dreams.  I am grateful that my current principal at least listens and embraces them! 

4) Among the ideas and images for next year that pop into my mind are this: I want to have a "take a book-give a book area" in the lobby next year like Sarah Kizzer. What a great idea! I could do this!
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5) I (still) have many school dreams.  I want to be more organized and more prepared every year.  I want to make some of my dreams a reality, however, like this one: I want to have a school-wide poetry month in April next year even though it is a testing-preparing and stress-filled month! I want to have poems in the hallways and on the stairways.  I want poems posted on bus ceilings and in the bathrooms too!  Short funny ones that will make kids smile.  I want them posted near the mailboxes and on the morning bulletin for teachers.  Poems of encouragement that will sustain us all. I want to post a poem a day all month long. 
A Schoolwide Celebration of Poetry |
6) As I reflect on my home-life and family, I also have hopes and dreams. I hope that some cleaning-fairy will arrive to cart off the dust bunnies and that some shopping-fairy will arrive with bags of fresh veggies and fruits to sustain us each week. I'm going to have to do a lot of thinking (and dreaming) about how to make this one happen! 
7) Finally, last but certainly not least, I pray that my growing family will continue to surround and sustain me and each other with the love, fuel and fortitude that only love, friends and families can provide.    

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Loralee said...

Enjoyed reading your celebrations!
I like the book exchange idea!