Saturday, May 17, 2014

#celebratelu Goals, Cars, and Couches: Reasons to Celebrate this Week

I can't say it was an easy week; however, there is still much to celebrate! Thanks to Ruth Ayer's weekly Celebration, I am acknowledging the good stuff.

Change of any kind (even good, wanted, needed changes) induces stress, and I suspect the level of stress is somewhat proportional to the level of change (new semester, new house, new job, new car).

So I will start with the end of the semester, which in all accounts is a good thing for all of us!  My weekly powerpoints and daily emails from grad students will stop, and I will marvel at my "free" time as I only work only "one" full time job as a teacher of little kids!  Yet, those grad school finals and papers cause stress as I squeeze time to read, comment, and grade them with the respect and credit due. Yet, I really do love seeing how my students grow through the semester (or two or three) that I work with them. In my recent Assessment in Special Education course, I had them write "pretend goals" for students based on IEP needs. I smiled as I read them hearing my own "voice" as well as the course readings reflected in their words.

Then, there was the stress of getting a new car.  I spend a LOT of time in my car.  I was attached to my old one with magical powers and the ability to go more than 600 miles on a tank of fuel!
It was hard to say good-bye to a dear, reliable friend; however, my NEW car is incredible.  I took him to school on Friday for the first time and could not help but think how far cars have come since that first, radio-less '54 Ford I inherited, so to speak, from Uncle Phil!  This new car has more cameras than a fleet of cell phones and more brains than all the other cars I have ever driven.  As he drove through some mighty big puddles without hydroplaning, I realized he is the smartest car I could have ever imagined!  I am pretty sure he will be known as "Al" as in Albert Einstein!

Lara Russo (from left), Cally Guasti and Reese Werkhoven found more than $40,000 stashed inside the couch they bought at a Salvation Army store.
Finally, the news is usually stressful and this week was no exception.  Yet, the story out of New Paltz about college students finding money in a couch made me smile with gratitude.
I know that their parents are smiling from ear to ear with pride and gratitude this morning (even though the college bills are still piled high!).  I am smiling from ear to ear because no matter what they say about young people and our society, we are doing something right!  


Ramona said...

Anita, I loved the story about the college students too! Thanks for reminding me of this wonderful story today!

Michelle Haseltine said...

Congrats on Al!! He looks just like my "yet to be named" car. I love my Mazda and have had it since the fall. Enjoy! I think you'll love it. Congrats on finishing your grad class too. I just finished mine (although we are starting again next week). It feels good! :)

Michele Knott said...

I'll have to share this post with my sister who loves naming everything! We do spend so much time with our cars, they do become part of our "families" :)
Enjoy your "free time", I'm sure you'll find plenty to fill that time with!

thechroniclesofachildrensbookwriter said...

Definitely lots of changes- and lots of emotions to go with them. I'm glad this meme reminds us to find the celebratory moments in all of these.

Leigh Anne Eck said...

Change is never easy but part of life! Enjoy your car! We just bought a new car too. 4 drivers + 3 cars = mom usually with not one! Oh well. I love the couch story. That would be a tough thing for most college students to do. It says a lot about their character! Makes me smile.

Terje said...

I like how you take your stress and turn it around into celebrations. Wishing you smooth rides and sunshine!