Sunday, May 25, 2014

Stormville's "Storm"y Story

Stormville weather is legendary as ice and snow seem to descend on our mountain even when it goes nowhere else; thus, weather-reporters often assume, erroneously, that the name is weather-based.  It's not.  In fact, back in the 1700s, even before the Revolutionary War, the Storm family settled here. While it was originally named Snarlington by some local silversmiths, the Storm family must have grown enough to vote to rename it in 1826!

For centuries, this was a quiet, farm town with a tiny post office.  In the 20th Century, it gained a single gas station, a few commuters, and a tiny airport (long abandoned) that hosts the "infamous" Stormville Flea Market!

For many years, the popularity of the local 4 per year flea market has waxed and waned; however, the recent interest in shows such as The Pickers and Flea Market Flip seems to have brought our local site for socks and sockets into the 21st Century limelight!

Yes, that is some pretty heavy cloud cover in the background.  It is Stormville!

It's hard to think of our local flea market as a destination location or as a media focus; however, that is what it has become (insert snickers from my own children and those who grew up in sleepy Stormville).  Although we did not see Lara Spencer (ABC Special Events Reporter) this weekend, we did see the stars of the next Flip contestants and lots of really cool junk (I mean antiques) like baby blue dial phones, made in Occupied Japan sewing machines, made in NY Borden (milk) boxes, and the delicious grown in the black earth of Orange County, NY, radishes!

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