Saturday, August 23, 2014

#celebratelu The week when the butterfly hung around all afternoon

I’m once-again joining up with Ruth Ayres for her weekly link-up, Celebrate This Week, .HERE
after a summer-writing-blogging-link-up-break because I've noticed as I have been "lurking" over at Celebrate that reflecting and writing really does help me to focus on the joy, rather than other emotions, in my life!

1. This Summer.  It's been remarkably cool, calm, and quiet! I'm actually a little bored and a little ready to go back to school even though I cringed, rolled over, and said some not lady-like words when the alarm went off the other morning!  I'm grateful for the opportunity for another year shaping lives through the power of the written word.

2. His Phone.  My husband, finally got a smart phone this week.  His old, flip top, "dumb" phone (as he called it) still worked like a charm in spite of the fact that you needed to hit the key three times to write a "C" and so it was very hard for him to make this change.  Within an hour, he was excitedly sharing 180 degree panoramic photos and exclaiming the wonders of his phone-camera-computer-keyboard-computer-text friendly-WiFi ready-calculator strapped securing on his belt in a Gorilla case. "Did you know it finds itself when it gets lost?" he commented just a few hours later!  Once you move ahead into the 21st Century, you can't go back!    

3. The Story. I've written, revised, edited, cut, rewritten and reflected on my "book" this summer.  It's different and yet every time I reread, I find myself drawn into the story. I'm hopeful and optimistic it might just get somewhere someday!

4. The Butterfly My hopes, dreams and prayers do not always turn out exactly the way I hope, dream and pray; yet, when the largest butterfly I have seen in a very long time hung around all afternoon yesterday, I was confident that my hopes, dreams and prayers have been acknowledged.  


Jennifer Laffin said...

It is so wonderful that you saw the visiting butterfly as a sign of something good. I look for things like that too! :) I also agree that while we may be ready to go back to school, that first morning of hearing the alarm can be a bit shocking. Have a great week!


Michelle Haseltine said...

So glad you're back!! I love the butterfly! Can't wait to see what answers it brings to you! :) Best of luck with your book. It's so exciting!!!!

Maria said...

I feel the same way about deer as I drive to school each day. It seems like when I'm not quite sure or feeling a little uneasy I notice some deer in the fields. Lifts up my spirits and I feel gratitude for the moment.

LInda Baie said...

I love hearing the happiness in your post, Anita. Glad to hear about all your celebrations, the book and the butterfly, especially! Have a great rest of the weekend!

Deb Day said...

Love your post, Anita. I took some time off from blogging also, but am ready to get back in the groove. Your story of the butterfly reminded me of this video, one our superintendent shared on the first day.

Terje said...

Your celebration of the butterfly is beautiful. Let the hope fly. I bet your story is starting to live its own life and you will be surprised where it takes you.